Strathroy Community Christian School was in need of a sustainable way to help fund its mission and give back to its community in a remarkable way.


The Second Chance Construction Store started in 2012 as a way to accomplish many goals for the people of Strathroy-Caradoc and neighbouring municipalities:

residents were in need of a new, innovative way to divert waste from landfills.


In 2015, the store was rebranded as the Second Chance Community Store to better describe the wide range of products available at the store and proudly showcase how the store has evolved from just a place to buy something to a celebration of community.



The Second Chance Community Store returns value to the greater Strathroy community by transforming how we think about and respond to our environment.


The Second Chance Community Store takes great pride in diverting as much as possible from our landfills. When we all do a little, a lot is possible.


The Second Chance Community Store profits support Strathroy Community Christian School. Watch the video!


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